(Last updated May 31, 2000)

Strategy Guide

  • Infinite T-7 bombs

    Most boxes of T-7 bombs that can be found throughout the game will replace the bomb that they contain after you collect it. Simply open the box, collect the bomb, close the box, then open the box again and repeat. Note: A maximum of twenty T-7 bombs can be carried at one time.

  • Play Jessifer's Scenario

    Complete the game as Jack and load completed save file to play Jessifer Manning's scenario.

  • Alternate Costume

    Complete both scenarios (Jack & Jessifer) and load completed save file to play as Jack sporting black jeans and a hip-happenin' open jacket with a mega-manly chest. LOL

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Handgun AmmoEFA70EAB
    Pistol Magazine14140550
    Level 1 Energy Drink3D313786

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