Evolution: The World Of Sacred Device

(Last updated June 28, 2000)

Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled Shinkisekai Evolution.

  • Bypass dialogue

    Before a move is made during a battle, press B.

  • Infinite Naolin Gold

    On the carrier where you fight Eugene is a room with a soldier lying on the bed. The window on the door has a red cross on it. Approach the shelf towards the back of the room and you will get a Naolin Gold each time that you talk to it.

  • Double attack

    Attack a monster from behind to give your characters two attacks in a row.

  • Extra money

    Successfully complete the game and save it. Then, load the saved game to start with more money.

  • Save money

    To save money when you have another character and you get to the final floor, switch to Gre and defeat the Boss. Additionally, Gre has the power to make the Boss wait longer.

  • Hammer Attack Sort

    The Heaven Runs is the only place you can get the Hammer Attack Sort. Go there first.

  • Alternate costumes (Japanese version)

    At the character selection screen, press X.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Money4772110A

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