The House Of The Dead 2

(Last updated June 2, 2000)

Strategy Guide

  • Score display

    At the main menu, press Left(2), Right(3), Left, Right, Start on a standard controller or light gun D-pad. If you entered the code correctly, a "0" score will appear at the top left portion of the screen.

  • Blood selection

    Successfully complete original mode to unlock a blood color option.

  • Goldman costume

    Successfully complete original mode. Then the Goldman costume will appear in the trunk of the car in the next original mode game.

  • Rogan costume

    Begin a game in original mode and select the 2.0 Bullets and the Double Score items from the trunk. Rescue all civilians except for the second person on level 4. Complete the game and enter the bonus room at the end. A Rogan Costume and an Infinite Credits item will be in the room.

  • Infinite super ammunition

    Successfully complete training mode with a five red star rating on each stage. Then, infinite super ammunition that kills with one hit will be unlocked.

  • Infinite continues in original mode

    Successfully complete training mode with all five red stars. Then, successfully complete boss mode with all five red stars. Finally, get two stars in fight all mode. Then the "Continue" option will change to "Free Play". Note: For the Japanese version of the game, successfully complete training and boss modes.

  • Bonus options in boss mode

    Successfully defeat and obtain a ranking for all bosses in boss mode to unlock "Emperor" and "Fight All Bosses" options.

  • Play as Gary

    Use a controller in port B to play as Gary instead of James in single player mode.

  • All items in original mode (Japanese version)

    Successfully complete training mode on all five difficulty settings to receive all items in original mode.

  • Bonus room (Japanese version)

    Successfully complete the game without any hostages being killed.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Credits3BA12BA2
    Infinite Health P14B72102F
    No Reload P1B556356B
    Infinite Health P2A9AB5E77
    No Reload P2D0188C39

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