Jet Grind Radio

(Last updated December 18, 2000)

Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled Jet Set Radio.

  • Love Shockers gang

    Successfully complete all Shibuya-cho levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock the Love Shockers gang.

  • Noise Tank gang

    Successfully complete all Benten-cho levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock the Noise Tank gang.

  • Poison Jam gang

    Successfully complete all Kogane-cho levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock the Poison Jam gang.

  • Goji Rokkaku

    Unlock the Love Shockers, Noise Tank, and Poison Jam gangs, then successfully complete all the Grind City levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock Goji Rokkaku.

  • Pots (the Dog)

    First, unlock all the bonus characters (Love Shockers, Noise Tank, Poison Jam, and Goji). After completing the game, play the "Monster of Kogane" level before "Benten Boogie". After completing those levels, a Noise Tank will challenge you after Chapter 2. Defeat the Noise Tank Challenge to unlock Pots.

  • Skate backward

    While skating, press Down, Up.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health861B8A05
    Infinite Time2AA7AEC1
    Start With Max Cans3EB9222F
    Infinite Spray Cans120410F5

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