Sonic Shuffle

(Last updated March 24, 2001)

Strategy Guide
Mini-Games Guide

  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete story mode to unlock more playable characters.

  • Play as Big The Cat

    Purchase all pictures of Tails in Sonic's room to unlock Big The Cat in versus mode.

  • Play as Chao

    Purchase all pictures of Knuckles in Sonic's room to unlock Chao in versus mode.

  • Play as E-102 Gamma

    Purchase the last picture of Amy in Sonic's room to unlock E-102 Gamma in versus mode.

  • Play as Super Sonic

    Purchase all pictures of Sonic in Sonic's room to unlock Super Sonic in versus mode.

  • Notebook

    Successfully complete the game and enter Sonic's room to find the Notebook on the table.

  • NiGHTS

    Set the Dreamcast system date to December 24 to replace Lumina with NiGHTS. Note: All characters may need to be unlocked first.

  • Hidden artwork

    Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find artwork from the game in the "Sonic Shuffle" folder.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Rings For Album5087792E
    Fight All Battles/Events P1A2435FE8
    999 Rings P17EB5DD7B
    No Rings P17EB5DD7B
    999 Rings P284638379
    No Rings P284638379
    999 Rings P37EB5DD7A
    No Rings P37EB5DD7A
    999 Rings P484638378
    No Rings P484638378

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