World Series Baseball 2K2

(Last updated October 9, 2001)

Strategy Guide

  • Hidden options

    At the team selection screen, press X to display an options screen that allows you to change such things as the difficulty, weather, stadium, and time of game.

  • Reset the count

    While batting with a runner on any base, have the runner attempt a steal. Either go through with the steal or send him back. Quickly press Y before the view returns to your batter to reset the count to no balls and strikes.

  • Harder swing

    Before the pitcher makes his selection, press R. When the pitch is thrown, your cursor will become small. If you hit the ball it will either be a home run, or a very hard hit.

  • Easy homerun

    When you are up to bat with a decent power hitter, move the top of the batting cursor to where the ball is being pitched. You will hit a homerun about 90% of the time.

  • Bean the batter

    After you select your pitch, move your cursor towards the batter and press Y.

  • Intentional walk

    After you select your pitch, move your cursor away from the batter and press Y.

  • Change computer pitched shutouts

    Go to your schedule screen. Press X to get the list of games and start times. When you simulate computer played games, and one of the teams pitches a shutout, you can simulate it again, until both teams score. You can also play games over when you or your opponent are shut out.

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