WWF: Royal Rumble

(Last updated September 18, 2000)

Strategy Guide

  • Wrestle as Vince McMahon

    Win all ten matches in exhibition mode on any difficulty setting. -From: Brett55569@aol.com

  • Wrestle as Shane McMahon

    Win the Royal Rumble on any difficulty setting. -From: tcout41@hotmail.com

  • Alternate costumes

    At the character selection screen, highlight a wrestler, then hold Start and press A. -From: thelosfamily@webtv.net and PokeDreamcast@aol.com

  • Alternate backgrounds

    Enter the ranking screen and choose any section. Then, return to the main menu to see a different background. Repeat this to see more backgrounds.

  • Infinite double team moves

    Knock out the ref by hitting him with a weapon twice. If done correctly, a message stating "The Referee Is Knocked Out" will appear. "Double Team" will now light up in different colors. You can now perform double teams moves as many times as desired. -From: chadbo@pulsenet.com

  • Avoid attacks

    Hold Block and repeatedly press the D-pad in all directions. Your wrestler will dodge every time your opponent punches or grapples, and an opening will eventually appear.

  • Stay in Royal Rumble longer

    Rotate the D-pad when your wrestler is holding on to the ropes to stay in Rumble longer.

    Game Shark Codes

    Unlock Vince McMahon274778B4
    Unlock Shane McMahon7E15C8F3

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