Useful Links (which display well on DC)

Dreamcast Links

Dreamcast.es An awesome Spanish Dreamcast Community that has tons of information for all aspects of the Dreamcast. Click image to view Spanish or click link to view English translation.

PSO Archive A great PSO website with tons of in game screen shots, articles and general PSO information.

PSO website by Siku with some great skins.

Phantasy Star Hispano
Dr.Pariolo's Phantasy Star Hispano Community.

Dremcast LeMans A time attack competition and a 24 hours of Le Mans challenge dedicated to the incredible game Test Drive Le Mans on Dreamcast.

Dreamlive A great Russian Dreamcast community.

DC Emulation
Official Sylverant PSO Server
Dreamcast Scene
DC Evolution
DC Arena.de
Dreamcast History
Dreamcast Junkyard Blog
Segagaga Domain
Blue Swirl - Dream Explorer and VMU save uploader
Planet Dreamcast Archive
XDP Web Browser

Other Gaming

PS2 Online Gaming is a great website to plan meet ups for Playstation 2 online games and Playstation 2 LAN tunneling games (with Xlink Kai).

Online Stores

Game Addicts: Video Game Resource - News, FAQ's, reviews, and codes for all game consoles. Also have Forums and Online Store with Dreamcast Games.

Genki Video Games is a great place to find rare, import Dreamcast games along with games for many other consoles.