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Happy NA/US Release Birthday Dreamcast! - Comments

This baby is getting old but we still love it :)

We're working on some cool things here at dc-talk. Be on the lookout for some extra online functionality for your games soon.



Planet Ring is Back Online! - Comments

Finally, after all this time, IberDC is proud to present you what most of you already knew. The revival of Planet Ring as a Dreamcast online game, what we call “The EarthCall Project” . It has taken time, effort, and countless hours of testing and trial/error but it sure is worth it. The server software we developed is open source so you can learn from it, modify it or improve it as you like. It was coded using SDL, SDLNet and SQlite.

Planet Ring is an online Dreamcast game which features 4 multiplayer minigames, a messenger and a simple HTML like website system (TEML) to show the user pages about anything the server admin could imagine, including images. This was the first console game that had multiplayer gaming while voice chatting people all over the world. It was given away by the Official Dreamcast Magazine number 15 in the UK, it was also sold in stores in Europe. Some other countries like Spain got it for free with the microphone upon getting a certain ISP services.

Check the project’s site here

In order to make the connection to our server as easy as possible, there’s a loader you can use to connect to our server, you can get the loader here And ready to burn in here

Check IberDc’s site here :

Here's a video for one of the games, there will be more coming soon:


-Dorobo 2Players(voice chat) -> Treasure hunt, guide the other player through a maze with your voice
-Splash 2Players(voice chat) ->Battleship like game where you have to sink all of your opponent’s ships while chatting
-Ball Bubble 4Players -> Get as many bubbles as possible and boycott the rest of the players
-Soar 32Players! -> Different race types using an air pod/ship


-Messenger system
-Online Rankings

Special Thanks to: Impulse, DCTM, BlueCrab, Fuzziqer, Brourke228, Chui, Mekanaizer, Eric and some more people…You know who you are!!!

This project was a joint effort between and Enjoy!



The Ghost Blade - Comments

New shooter from HUCAST - The Ghost Blade – a TATE top down Shooting Game with Caravan and 5 Stage Mode Limited Edition 3-disc set with Soundtrack is now available for pre-order on Only 300 Supporters Edition CE copies are available. Check the HUCAST blog for concept art:

Game Features:

3 Game Modes with 3 player ships too choose from.

Online score leaderboard via code

Screen Orientation:

TATE ( “3:4”) and YOKO (“4:3”)

Game Modes:

Stage Mode: 5 Stages
Caravan Mode: 2 min./5 min.
Time Attack

Release: TBA 2013