Giant Gram: All Japan Pro Wrestling 2

(Last updated August 12, 1999)

Strategy Guide

  • Play as Diablo, Grace, and Tiger

    Successfully complete tournament mode to face one of the hidden wrestlers in a match. Defeat that wrestler to unlock them as a playable character. Save the game and complete tournament mode again to face the next hidden wrestler.

  • Play as Hyper

    Successfully complete tournament mode with all fifteen normal and three hidden wrestlers.

  • Alternate Virtua Fighter costumes

    At the character selection screen, highlight Wolf, Jeffry, or Kage. Then, hold R and press A to enable their Virtua Fighter 3tb two player mode costumes.

  • Alternate camera views

    While in watch mode, press L or R to choose new camera angles.

  • Taunts

    During a match, press L or R.

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